Vintage Cooperative offers a secure alternative to home ownership that is uniquely different from other housing options. You will find that Vintage Hills Cooperative is "more than just a building." Cooperatives create a supportive, interdependent living environment that cultivates an active participatory lifestyle enhancing daily life and promoting health and well-being. Featuring the finest in quality construction, Vintage Hills will offer one-level floor plans that are thoughtfully designed keeping the needs of seniors in mind. At Vintage Hills Cooperative, it is our goal to provide you with relief from the work and worry of home maintenance, a sound investment and an active community lifestyle for your enjoyment.

What Is a Senior Housing Cooperative?

A housing cooperative is joint ownership in a housing development in which members own a share. Members or share owners are a part of the cooperative, which owns the building, land and common areas. The value of the share is based on the size and type of home. Members pay a monthly fee, which is used to cover the cooperative’s monthly operating costs, including principle, interest, taxes, reserves, maintenance and utilities.

Cooperatives are operated by their members, through a member elected Board of Directors. The Board of Directors governs policy, forms committees and is responsible for decision-making on behalf of the cooperative community. Professional management provides on-site staff, human resource management, accounting services and oversight of day-to-day operations.

Cooperatives bring back the spirit of community and sociability. The participatory nature of a cooperative enhances the lives of its members and contributes to healthier living. While members can enjoy the privacy of their individual home, there are many opportunities for social involvement with other members who have similar interests. This may take the form of running for the Board of Directors, participating on a committee, attending social programs or joining with friends in daily leisure activities, such as: playing cards, group exercise or golf.